Damp Proofing in Gloucester Cheltenham stroud

Gloucester damp proofing was founded by, Tom Dickinson and his wife Lydia in 1995. Tom has been in the damp proofing construction industry for over 20 years. He started part time helping a dealer/sales rep with damp proofing on the weekends and on his time off. Tom has helped with the construction of over 40 damp homes as his knowledge grew. With the different manufactures, and styles available, Tom has almost seen them all. Tom started his small construction company as a sole proprieter in 1987 with a handful of his own tools, £200.00, and a goal. Tom wanted to be his own boss. “Being in the corporate world for so long I knew there had to be something better than collecting a paycheque and looking forward to Fridays.” Tom worked doing things such as decks, damp proofing, porches, repairs to older homes, etc.
The family moved to gloucestershire in 1994, and started building damp proof homes with some people he had met, while working at another construction site. “I had the opportunity to build log homes in Gloucestershire ! How cool was that!”
Tom worked at this until he was approached to help build a log home in cheltenham. This was all that was needed to jump start his small sole proprietorship business.
“I had worked doing the small jobs, being my own boss, and loved it!” “I knew however, I wanted to apply my log home experience and this was an opportunity to show my skills.”
Well that was many years ago, and since Gloucester damp proofing went from a sole proprietorship, to an established Limited Liability Company, with five employees, several trucks, and a vision. “I wanted to give our customers a home that is like a piece of art. Our craftsmanship goes into every home, every railing, every log that may have to be hand coped, every piece of wood must be perfect. I take each home and put my heart into it. Our carpenters also put their heart and soul into every home. It shows by the compliments, the tears, the handshakes, and the letters.” “Our damp surveyors are the best people we know. They are our family. We would not be here without the dedication everyone has shown. In the good times and the bad times, they have given 150% without complaining.”
The logo for the company was designed by his daughter Darci. “We wanted something unique. She is studying interior design in college, and her artistic creativity came up with what you see today”
The three trees represent his wife Lydia, his son Jason, and his daughter Darci. The Kirk, in Kirkwood is Tom’s middle name, and of course the word, wood for Kirkwood.
Gloucester damp proofing is one of a handful of truly damp proofing construction companies across the country. They are dedicated to their customers, and to the employees. “We praise the Lord every day for what we have received and what is yet to come. As a Christian it is a blessing to be able to serve Christ and our customers with such passion in our homes.”
Gloucester damp proofing can build any basement home available through to any manufacturer. Custom touches to the home are always added also. They can build the shell or do a complete turnkey home with prices very affordable. So if your thinking about a log home, your dream home, call Gloucester damp proofing.
“Thank You to our customers and to our new ones as well. God bless and I look forward to talking to each potential home buyer personally.”

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