Damp Proofing Gloucester Cheltenham Stroud

Welcome to the official website of the Gloucester damp proofing. We are a family owned and operated Building Contractor Company offering a full range of quality construction related services from pre-construction planning and management including contracting, construction management, project management, design & build through to post-construction needs.  Our services cover all spectrums of the construction industry including industrial, commercial & retail, hotels & resorts, government, educational and residential sectors.

Our humble beginnings started with Gloucester damp proofing  in the mid 1960’s with headquarters in gloucester.  Today, we continue with our high level of commitment in providing quality construction related services and have expanded our operations with a regional office and subsidiary companies in gloucestershire.

Gloucester damp proofing comprises of Gloucester damp proofing, woodworm treatments, dry rot & general construction.



Mission Statement

Gloucester damp proofing aims to deliver the highest quality service in building construction and development, project management and construction management.

Our capable and highly technical team is trustworthy, honest and reliable. We have a strong commitment to environmental principles that we demonstrate with value-added services.

At damp proofing cheltenham, our approach to managing construction is structured to complete projects on time and within budget to a high standard of workmanship.



At Gloucester damp proofing we like to think of ourselves as one big family of dedicated hardworking individuals that make up an incredible and dynamic team.

Our Founder, Maurice Herbert, would be proud to note that his company has come along way since its humble beginnings in the Gloucestershire Regions in the mid 1960’s.  Our continued investment in cutting edge technologies, innovative construction methods, challenging project types, modern safety practices and delivery systems has enabled us to expand our services and to maintain our position as the regional leader in the construction industry.

Among all that is new, Gloucester damp proofing in stroud & cheltenham finds one thing remains unchanged: Our commitment to our core belief to providing traditional and creative building solutions and quality workmanship that far exceeds our clients’ expectations.




Gloucester damp proofing is a design – build construction and consulting firm serving gloucestershire. Our principals have over 40 years experience in successfully completing custom designed residential, light commercial and specialty themed projects.

New construction to major remodeling, we perform and manage the details from concept to completion.


Based on your individual needs we provide total services or selected services for any phase. Our personal attention will focus on making your project a success.